Ole Creepy is a dark humored heavy rock band from the swamps of your mind. Rising from the dirt of Austin TX, available for touring, gigs and any other debaucherous adventures you might have in mind...

Jerry Lee Howard ~ Guitar and Vocals

Eva Kelly ~ Drums, Synth, Vocals​​​​​​​


'In the spirt of Friday the 13th, Ole Creepy assuredly lived up to their name. Their stage set-up came suited with green moss cloaked over their equipment and a shining skull placed near the audience. Members Jerry Howard and Eva Kelly united in black attire with only a glimmer of their faces visible through draped black hair and hat. Their macabre performance combined with guttural and sepulchral screams wavered throughout the venue, giving a haunting aura to the space. The duo fluctuated between brooding and heavy drum beats and fast-paced instrumentals and guitar solos. At one point did Howard slowly growl into the microphone to the crowd, “if you show Ole Creepy your big fat ass, good things will come to you in the near future”. Ole Creepy brought out the truly sinister, yet ingeniously combined with a wicked sense of humor.' ”

— The Austin Live Review

Great to see and hear Eva Kelly the other night at Beerland in Austin, drumming (she's an awesome power drummer with great technique) and doing keyboards in the duo OLE CREEPY, with guitarist and vocalist Jerry Howard ....their unique sound is abrasive but fluid, forward- thinking but rockin', kind of like if some satanic grim reaper character in a gore film drank a gallon of Monster and started a band...”

— Bill Shute

If you have not seen the duo Ole Creepy featuring Eva Kelly and Jerry Howard, you are missing the ultimate horror-show nightmare avant-punk experience. I can't even put it into adequate words ....but they deliver the goods, and Beerland is the perfect venue for them. Drinks are cheap, so have a great time!”

— Bill shute